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Gift Registry

Our album, We Do, will be available for trade in exchange for any of the items on this list.

3x boxes of Lilets tampons(varying sizes)/sanitary pads

1x original piece of art (it can’t be shit and we’ll decide if it’s shit or not)

1x new blanket (for donation so don’t be an asshole)

1x bottle Jagermeister

1x bottle Jamesons

2x bottles fine white wine

1x tequila gold

1x box of tinned food to the value of R100-R200 (we want to see the slip)

1x quality vinyl album

1x car wash (of all three of our cars, at the show)

1x old instruments that can be donated

1x your services, as in, hacker, plumber, electrician, mechanic, pharmacist, filmmaker, editor, sound guy, you get the picture.

1x Ernie Ball Hybrid guitar strings (the red packet)/Fender Precision bass strings/Vater Manhattan drum sticks (7A)

3x pairs of new socks (all styles welcome)

1x decent + new jack to jack instrument cable

1x Ford Cortina (this trade comes with super special surprise feature)

3x reasonably sized bags of wasabi nuts

1x guitar effect pedal

1x large bag of dog food/6 tins of dog food (something you’d be ok with eating if there was an apocalypse and food was scarce)

1x large bag cat food with some tinned food

1x large bottle of nice olive oil

1x picnic basket with a selection of tasty snacks

1x something that will make us go, ‘oh, no way”

1x 3 high quality vibrators (hygienic packing intact, include batteries if necessary)

1x airtime to the value of R100-200 (Vodacom)

1x chess set (definitely not a mini magnet one)



Earlier Event: April 23
Later Event: April 27