It's a big country, Visit Indonesia

If you are a marine tourism lover or just want to enjoy it, then visit Indonesia. Indonesia as the largest archipelagic country in Southeast Asia has indeed been known as a place for marine tourism that has ever existed.

With so many clusters of islands scattered throughout the territory of Indonesia, it’s no wonder that if you visit Indonesia, then almost every island has marine tourism with its exotic scenery in each region.

Both from west to east, Indonesia has marine tourism at every point of its islands. Most of the marine tourism spots have now been made by the government as a marine national park.

For example, from the many marine tourism available, just call Raja Ampat. Marine tourism located in the western region of the island of Papuan has natural views and a very amazing sea.

No wonder if Raja Ampat could shake the world in the realm of tourism. That is also why Raja Ampat is one of the main marine tourism destinations and the pride of Indonesia. If you see a teaser video about travel in Indonesia, there must always be scenes from Raja Ampat that are portrayed with incredible views.

With its great potential, many local and foreign tourists come here to see it firsthand, how amazing Raja Ampat is. Naturally, Raja Ampat becomes the best marine tourism if you visit Indonesia because Raja Ampat has almost 75% of the world’s marine species according to The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International.

That’s just only one of the best marine tourism spots when you visit Indonesia. And you should know, there are many more marine tourism spots that are not less interesting and will make you unnerved when you go there later.

So what are you waiting for, prepare your backpack and visit Indonesia to enjoy the marvelous marine tourism ever! Because of you, you won’t be able to find it exactly in other regions besides Indonesia. Don’t forget to invite your friends or family to enjoy it together when visiting Indonesia.

Starting from the Anambas Islands when visit Indonesia from the west

If you want to wade through marine tourism while visiting Indonesia from the west, then start from the Anambas islands. Anambas Islands is a marine tourism area in the Riau Islands Province.

Anambas Islands are tropical islands in Asia that are not inferior to the Maldives. Anambas’ island was awarded as a tropical island in the 2013 version of CNN. Naturally, not with such recognition, proving that the Anambas islands are truly amazing marine tourism spots.

Anambas Islands is known as a snorkeling and diving location by foreign tourists to enjoy the amazing underwater marine life. The blue and clear water makes the eyes feel pampered to see what is in the water can be seen directly from the surface.

Because most of the Anambas Islands are not yet inhabited by residents, some islands do look like uninhabited islands and as if there is no sign of life. Make it like a private island when we visit there.

This is what causes the Anambas Islands which are still truly beautiful to make it truly natural as if there were no human hands to touch it. This is the Anambas Islands factor to be like a tropical archipelago.

Mentawai Islands, a surfer’s paradise when visit Indonesia

The Mentawai Islands are also in the western region, precisely in the Province of West Sumatra. Here is a very suitable place for you who like water sports activities such as surfing, diving, and swimming, or other marine tourism activities.

In addition to having the natural beauty of the sea which is very enchanting, good waves roll is very suitable as a place to surf by foreign tourists. Even though most people only know the best surfing waves in Kuta Beach, you also have to feel the waves in the Mentawai Islands.

Mentawai Islands has other islands around it. There are four islands, one of the largest in Siberut Island. Furthermore, the other islands are Sipora Island, North Pagai Island and South Pagai Island.

Enjoy the paradise of Java on the island of Karimun when visit Indonesia

If you travel on a vacation to the island of Java while visiting Indonesia, take the time to enjoy marine tourism on Karimun Island. Karimun Island is known as the paradise of Java because of its beautiful environment.

Here, all marine tourism activities are almost all there. Starting from fishing, diving, surfing, to the beach view soothing the eyes. Not surprisingly, Karimun Island was made a national park by the Jepara government because Karimun Island was included in the Jepara area, Central Java Province.

Karimun Island is also said to be home to coral reefs, mangrove forests and coastal forests. Although the waves are relatively small and not as big as in Kuta Beach and Mentawai Islands, the good waves are still made by foreign tourists to surf.

Beautiful marine life in Wakatobi when visiting Indonesia

For you who love the underwater world and the conservation of the marine park, it never hurts to go to Wakatobi. Here, you will be presented with a view of the marine park that will make you satisfied.

Starting from the crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches with beautiful waves and fine white sand will make you feel the sensation of peace when you are here. Don’t forget to enjoy freshwater while swimming here. Guaranteed, will help relieve the stress you suffer.

Wakatobi is on the island of Sulawesi with an area of 13,900 km2. In Wakatobi, there are 112 species of beautiful coral reefs and several well-known fish species, one of which is the Napoleon fish species.

Most of the marine biota species in Wakatobi are in a threatened status. Some of them are almost extinct. Therefore, here is also used as a breeding place and cultivation of endangered marine biota species.

Around Wakatobi itself, several islands are also suitable to be used as a place to dive, swim, and other marine tourism by local tourists and foreign tourists, namely Hogo Island and Binongka Island.

As additional information, at Wakatobi not only offers marine tourism but here if you have a soul of nature lovers, you can and can do camping activities here. Interesting right?

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