It's a big country, Visit Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. There are many attractions found in Indonesia. One of them is an underwater tourist attraction in Indonesia that is extraordinary. Underwater tourism is famous for the beauty of coral reefs and the many marine life in it. For those of you who like snorkeling and diving, visit Indonesia is one of the right choices. The beauty of the underwater world of Indonesia makes Indonesia a destination for tourists to vent their hobby by enjoying the paradise of the world that belongs to the Indonesian ocean. For lovers of diving, they will be happy to come to Indonesia to enjoy the beautiful coral reefs, swimming with colorful little fish, seeing a huge manta, an extraordinary experience that you will get if you come and enjoy underwater tourism Indonesia.

Many tourists who have visited several Indonesian underwater tourism spots, they say that there is an extraordinary underwater paradise that Indonesia has. Indeed, there is no doubt that Indonesia’s marine tourism has a vast marine area, Indonesia’s fiber is one of the countries that has the longest coastline in the world. Are you a lover of diving? or you want to try to enjoy diving. For those of you who have plans to spend time on vacation with diving, I would recommend some of Indonesia’s most beautiful underwater tourist spots and the most popular among tourists.

Raja Ampat

For those of you who like snorkeling and diving, Raja Ampat is a place that you must visit. The beauty of the underwater world that Raja Ampat does not need to doubt. Visit Indonesia if you want to feel the extraordinary underwater beauty, have very clear waters, have lots of coral reefs, fish and other marine life that makes the charm of Raja Ampat has its attraction for diving lovers all over the world. In Raja Ampat, you will be presented with approximately 76 diving points. Like Mansuar Island, Arborek, Mike’s Point, Chicken Reef, and Blue Magic. These are some of the best diving points in Raja Ampat. Of the several spots above, each spot has its own characteristics and uniqueness. Like Spot Manuar Island, there you can see and dive while accompanied by mantas and sea turtles. If you want to see a beautiful cluster of coral reefs, you can visit the Chicken Reef spot. Not only that, but there are a lot of other cool dive spots that leave you spellbound and you won’t regret it.

Bunaken Marine Park

The other most popular underwater tour is Bunaken. This destination presents a variety of marine life such as sharks, stingrays, mantas, soft shellfish, to oysters. So, you must visit Indonesia to enjoy the underwater world. There are various diving spots that you can try if you want to enjoy the underwater paradise of Bunaken. One of them is Muka Kampung spot, in this spot you can see hordes of neon-colored fish, big turtles and various other marine life that make this spot a favorite spot for tourists and one of the spots that you must try if you are diving in Bunaken.


Wakatobi National Park is one of the places visited by tourists who love diving. Because Wakatobi has an underwater beauty that is very beautiful and stunning. Therefore you must visit Indonesia to be able to enjoy its beauty. Wakatobi has approximately 40 diving spots that provide various beauty variants in it such as the Cornucopia spot, where you can find coral reefs that look like vertical walls. Besides that, in the spot of Rome, you will be presented with very beautiful color and coral reef that can spoil your eyes. Wakatobi indeed has an extraordinary underwater natural wealth. So do not be surprised that a place that has the deepest point to reach 1,044 meters, with marine life has reached 93 species of fish, Wakatobi becomes one of the spots that you must try and visit.

Gili Trawangan

Lombok is one of the islands owned by Indonesia. Pula is very beautiful because it has extraordinary natural attractions, especially underwater tourism. In Lombok, there is one underwater tourist spot that is very famous, namely Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno. There you can see sea horses, various kinds of ornamental fish, and various other marine biotas. There are various diving spots on Gili Trawangan that give your diving sensation unusual, including Shark Point, Coral Fan Garden, Sunset Point, Biorocks, Halik or, Alex’s reef, Bounty Wreck, or Turtle Heaven. Spot or dive sites are recommended for divers at all levels both beginners and professionals, so if you are a beginner diver you can still feel a beautiful and safe sensation. As for dive sites for experienced divers, you can try to come to Glenn Nusa Wreck Deep Turbo, Deep Halik.


Karimunjawa is one place that has underwater attractions that you can choose if you want to spend your time diving. Karimunjawa underwater tourism objects have very healthy coral. Besides, the presence of colorful coral reefs also adds beauty to it. Besides, Karimunjawa is also a habitat for coral reefs, mangrove forests, and has 242 species of ornamental fish and around 400 species of marine life. The place that becomes the target of divers when visiting Karimunjawa is the island of Cemara Besar. In this place, you can see various kinds of coral reefs. Starting from staghorn coral, table coral, brain coral and other types of coral reefs. Besides, this place is also used as a scuba diving training for beginners because this place does not have a high depth, so it is safe for beginners

How interesting isn’t it? You can enjoy it all if you visit Indonesia. Invite all your friends or family to enjoy the beauty of the underwater paradise that Indonesia has. Indonesia is indeed a country that has amazing natural wealth, the diversity of the sea makes tourists reluctant to leave Indonesia. for those of you who want to feel the sensation of vacation enjoying the beauty of the world’s paradise, so visit Indonesia.

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