It's a big country, Visit Indonesia

How far have you been in exploring this vast Indonesia? Spanning from Sabang to Merauke with the number of islands 17.504 makes Indonesia has a variety of amazing and very beautiful tourist attractions. Even the popularity of Indonesia’s tourist attractions is well known by the world community so that every year many foreign tourists come to enjoy the holidays in Indonesia.

Indonesia itself consists of 34 provinces that have world-class popular and best tourist attractions that you must go to if you visit Indonesia. Here is a list of favorite, interesting and popular tourist attractions in Indonesia, and we will start discussing them from the provinces in the eastern tip of Indonesia.

Raja Ampat, West Papua

This is the most famous and popular tourist spot in Indonesia, Raja Ampat. The group of 1.500 islands is a beautiful and exotic island and is a series of four large islands that are close together offering a spectacular underwater paradise. In this place, there is a row of green rocks in the middle of a blue ocean that you might not find anywhere in the world. Rare coral reefs and rare fish can be found here. Even more special about this place is that 75% of fish species in the world can be found and seen in this place. Not surprisingly, this tour is always hunted by foreign tourists.

Komodo Island, East Nusa Tenggara

This one tour is quite extreme, but it becomes an exciting thing for animal enthusiasts, namely Komodo Island. The island is a habitat and a breeding place for dragons. As we know, the Komodo dragon is the largest species of lizard in the world and is an ancient animal that is still alive today. Because the island is one of the dragons’ conservation centers, the Indonesian government has made the island a protected National Park. If you visit Indonesia and come to Komodo Island, not just a tour to see the Komodo dragons that will be served and identical to this island, another thing you can do is explore the underwater world or enjoy the soft sand of the Pink Beach there.

Wakatobi, Southeast Sulawesi

Wakatobi has recently become the talk of world divers, not because of the stunning panorama of the land and underwater world. If in Australia has a Great Barrier Reef, Indonesia has Wakatobi as the second largest coral reef area in the world. The name Wakatobi itself is taken from the acronym of the name of the big island there, namely Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko. UNESCO has designated the Wakatobi region as a World Heritage Site. With a diving area of 1.4 million hectares, 942 species of fish, 750 species of coral and a variety of marine life make Wakatobi one of the best tourist destinations if you visit Indonesia.

Derawan Islands, East Borneo

This one island is certainly no stranger to your ears. It Is the Derawan Islands whose fame is well known to the world. Derawan Archipelago consists of four famous islands namely Kakaban, Maratua, Sangalaki, and Derawan Islands. The expanse of white sand is very adorable and the seawater is very clear will make anyone feel at home for a long time in this place. Marine tourism objects are offered in the islands. You can do various water activities like snorkeling, diving or just swimming. The large variety of coral reefs and jellyfish habitat in this place makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Indonesia and even in the world.

Nusa Penida Island, Bali

Who does not know Bali? This international standard tourist paradise is always crowded with tourists visiting it every year. If you visit Bali, don’t let you miss one of the more famous islands, Nusa Penida Island. The beauty of colorful coral reefs, white-sand beaches and diving spots with various types of fish can be found here. One of the unique beaches famous in this place is Broken Beach with hollow coral cliffs that resemble tunnels. For those of you who like to dive, Manta Point becomes a place that should not be missed. Various manta rays will accompany your diving activities and as if going inside a giant aquarium.

Borobudur Temple, Central Java

This tour is suitable for those of you who do not like water tourism or for those of you who want to travel with natural beauty. Namely Borobudur Temple which is one of the relics of Buddhists that is recognized and is the largest temple in the world. The temple which is located in Magelang Regency, Central Java has become one of the right places to enjoy the sunset and sunrise which is very beautiful and certainly memorable when you visit. In this place, you can also buy souvenirs such as batik cloth, temple-shaped miniatures, Buddha head sculptures, knick-knacks such as bracelets and necklaces made of wood and much more. On certain days, this temple is still used as a place of worship for Buddhists. Therefore, besides getting new experiences related to nature, you will also find new religious experiences. Really interesting right?

Lake Toba, North Sumatra

The lake formed by the supermassive volcanic eruption has a beautiful tour that you should not miss. One of the uniqueness of this lake is the existence of an island in the middle of the lake, namely Samosir Island. Besides, several other places around the lake are also suitable places for you to capture beautiful moments with your partner or family, such as in Mount Pusuk Buhit, Bukit Bobok Hill and Tele Samosir View Tower. From this place, you will be spoiled with an unforgettable view of Lake Toba and Samosir Island.

Pulau Weh, Aceh

Weh Island is an island in the western tip of Indonesia and is located in Aceh Province. On this island, there is a monument which is the zero kilometer point of Indonesia which is often visited by tourists to take pictures. Also, there are other tourist destinations on this island such as Anoi Itam Beach which has stunning black sand and Sumur Tiga Beach which is a place to see the sunset and Teupin Layeu Beach which is very beautiful and tempting to explore when choosing to visit Indonesia as a vacation spot.

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