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If you are given a chance to visit Indonesia for your holiday, where are you going to go? Bali? It seems like no traveler is unfamiliar with this island. Now, what about the Dieng plateau? Have you ever heard about the place?

Well, Dieng plateau is so famous for its magnificent nature. Due to its fabulous beauty, people even refer to it as land in the cloud. The name is not exaggerating. Give yourselves a chance to come to this place, and you will witness how God has greatly carved an outstanding architecture to Dieng.

Dieng is a village in Central Java. It is stretched out along Wonosobo and Banjarnegara regions. This village has in total of 37 tourist destinations that have been recognized by the world. Your holiday will be spent efficiently as the distance from one destination to another is not far away.

Being 2,000 meters above sea level, no wonder Dieng is 11° to 18°C on common days. Meanwhile, on certain seasons, the temperature can reach 0° or even -1°C. Although it has quite cold weather, lots of tourists come to this plateau. Dieng indeed has various destinations to visit: temples, craters, lakes, caves, waterfalls, and many other places to visit. Below are some top options you can consider coming once you are in Dieng.

Sikunir Hill

Hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists have proved how impressive the view from this Sikunir Hill is. Domestic and international tourists are coming all the way here to see the well-known golden sunrise of Sikunir. The experience of witnessing God’s great work in this spot has been astonishing for lots of people. To visit Indonesia means to enjoy this kind of natural grace.

Sikunir is located in the highest village in Java island named Sembungan village. It lies 7 km from the downtown of Dieng. You need to take your own vehicle to Sikunir as there is no public transportation to reach the spot. The journey does not stop there. You need to do a 45-minute tracking to reach the top of Sikunir. Unless you want to miss the sunrise, you are to start hiking at 4.30 a.m. 

All those efforts somehow will be paid off. A breathtaking moment in front of your eyes will remain in your memory. Not only the sunrise, but you can also see many mountains by standing on the peak of Sikunir. One thing to remember once you plan a trip to Sikunir: do not forget your warm clothes, scarf, and gloves as in dry season the top of Sikunir can be at 4°C. 

Batu Ratapan Angin

Batu Ratapan Angin or Batu Pandang Dieng is located above Telaga Warna. It is two big stones standing side by side in the cliffs surrounding the lake. Lots of people use these stones to enjoy the scenery of both Telaga Warna and Telaga Pengilon from the height. Killing two birds with one stone, once you are in the top, your eyes will also be spoiled with a perfect landscape of greenery.

You need to climb over the stones to capture the beautiful view below. Therefore, this destination is really for you who are seeking an adventurous holiday and track to take. However, as the track is quite steep, the elderly as well as children are not advisable to visit this spot.

Batu Ratapan Angin got its name from a legend. It was said that a long time ago there lived a prince and his princess. They lived happily until the princess was known having an affair. The prince was in a rage and cursed his wife and the man into stones. When the wind blows heavily and flows through the stones, it will make a hissing sound like human mourning her pathetic life. That is why the stones named Batu Ratapan Angin. 

Telaga Warna

This is one of the must-visit places when you are in Dieng. Stretched out for 39 hectares, this lake will hypnotize you with its beauty. Telaga Warna has been famous since the colonial era. Lots of people coming here to witness the fabulous color reflected in the lake.

Just as its name, this lake is well-known for its color. What unique about Telaga Warna is its changing color. Some people say the changing happens because the lake contains a high number of Sulphur. That is why when the sunlight strikes the water, the lake can reflect different colors.

Coming to this destination, you will be welcomed by Akasia that is dominating the edge of the lake. Additionally, mimosa as well as hortensia flowers will also refresh your day once you are in Telaga Warna. Do not forget to bring your good camera as this lake is a very instagrammable spot to capture your moment.

Sikidang Crater

If Bandung has Tangkuban Perahu, then Dieng has the Sikidang crater. If you wish to visit an active volcanic crater without having to do hiking, this spot is for you. Sikidang is located not too far away from Sikunir hill. That way, right after seeing the sunrise, you can go directly to this crater.

In Sikidang, you will find white barren ground with some dead trees around. It is no doubt as this area has a high level of Sulphur. Therefore, do not hope to see some green scenery in Sikidang. Its exotic lies in its white mysterious ambiance.

In this destination, you can purchase some handicrafts as well as Sulphur stone souvenirs. You can also take a horse riding and absolutely capture some interesting photos here. There is a unique fact about Sikidang. It is believed that the crater moves from one area to another once in a 4-year. Come and prove it yourself! 

Dieng Savanna 

Do you know that there is a savanna in Dieng? Dieng is indeed gifted with countless blessings. This savanna is one good way to prove it. The panorama it has will steal everybody’s heart. Coming here means you let yourselves taste peacefulness and serenity amid God’s art.

This savanna is a valley filled with gold and green bushes as high as your knee. However, when the dry season comes, the savanna turns into a goldish brown area due to the extreme weather. Dieng savanna is located in the middle of Pangonan mountain. Hence, it looks like the savanna is fenced by high awesome hills fully planted with trees.

To reach this spot, you need to do a tracking in advance. It is truly a perfect destination for travelers looking for an adventurous, challenging holiday to spend. You can go camping while waiting to see the sunrise or sunset from this savanna. A place worth to try.

Those are just a few lists you can consider visiting in Dieng. Many more are waiting to be explored. Get your backpack ready. Set your itinerary. Schedule your day-off as a Dieng plateau tour is one best way to visit Indonesia.

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