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Indonesia consists of a variety of ethnic groups and cultures that are amazing. This is certainly as an allure for tourists to visit to see Indonesian local wisdom. Of the many attractions in Indonesia, there are some places that look strange, creepy but interesting to visit. Curious as to what tourist attractions? Here we summarize some of the information, hopefully entertained.

Visit Indonesia : Trunyan Village (Kintamani, Bangli, Bali)

who does not know the island of Bali. This island was once named the best island in Asia and the number 5 best in the world version. The island that holds a variety of cultures is a tourist destination both local and foreign tourists.

In Bali, one of the unique attractions that tourists can find is in the Trunyan Village area, Kintamani, Bangli. One of the oldest villages in Bali is still preserving the culture of its ancestors, such as the culture of Ngaben (a ceremony for people who have died) which is different from other places in Bali. If in other places in Bali cremation is usually done by burning corpses, in the Trunyan Village people who die are simply placed in the open air or only covered with bamboo hoods and offerings near the large Taru Menyan tree found in the village when you visit Indonesia.

But strange but true, human corpses placed carelessly are not eaten by animals and do not emit a foul odor. Local villagers believe that the stench of the corpse has been neutralized by the Taru Menyan tree which has the fragrance. The uniqueness of this village also of course invites tourists to visit and see first hand the procession of cremation in Trunyan. Until now the Trunyan Village is a favorite destination for tourists as a cultural tourism destination in Bali.

Chicken Church (Magelang, Central Java)

for those who have watched the film AADC 2 (What’s up with Love 2) surely already know the attractions of the Chicken Church, a place that had visited Rangga and Cinta. Although shaped chicken, but strangely when the construction of this building was actually designed to resemble the shape of a dove. The construction of this building is quite strange and contains mystery. Starting from a dream, a businessman named Daniel Alamsyah in the 1990s built this unique place.

Initially a place located in the middle of the forest of Kembanglimus Village, Magelang was intended as a house of prayer, not solely a church for Christians, but as a house of worship for all religions and a place of rehabilitation.

Because of lack of funds for the construction of places of worship this was stopped. Although in an untreated and haunted state the building remains one of the tourist attractions that is quite crowded in the Magelang region, even more so with the use of the Chicken Church as the location for filming the AADC 2 film (one of the most famous Indonesian films)

Liang Bua (Flores, East Nusa Tenggara)

Liang Bua which in Manggarai means cool cave or hole is one of the karst caves found on the island of Flores. This cave is located in Rampasasa Hamlet, Liangbua Village, Ruteng District, Manggarai Regency, East Nusa Tenggara Province. In September 2003, archeologists also discovered strange anthropological findings in the cave. The discovery of a unique skeleton which was later identified by the name Homo Floresiensis, a dwarf human estimated to live 10,000 years before modern humans lived in Flores.

Thus the dwarf is the ancestor of the Flores people. And in Liang Bua is the only place where this Homo Floresiensis can be found.

In addition, other historical remains such as stone tools are known to have been used by Homo erectus (such as those found in Sangiran) and the remains of stunted pygmy (ancient elephant) bones, giant monitor lizards, and large rats. Because it saves a lot of history of the limestone cave is often a visit of local and world tourists.

Goa Londa (Tana Toraja, South Sulawesi)

like in Trunyan Village, Bali in Tana Toraja also has a unique culture related to people who have died. The Toraja tribe located in Makale and Rantepao believe that people who have died have not necessarily left their families.

Therefore if a family member dies, the people of Toraja will not cremate the body. They will save it in the burial area of ​​the Goa Londa cliff. Londa Cave is a rock cliff burial area as a place to store corpses.

Here friends will find many coffins piled and piles of objects included by the family of the deceased such as cigarettes, betel, drinks, clothing and so forth. Although it looks strange and creepy, Goa Londa has become the most attractive tourist attraction in the province of South Sulawesi when you visit Indonesia.

Lapindo Mud Lake (Sidoarjo, East Java)

On May 29, 2006, a hot mudflow occurred at the Lapindo Brantas company drilling site in Balongnongo Hamlet, Renokenongo Village, Porong District, Sidoarjo Regency, East Java, Indonesia. The hot mud that has been pouring continuously for several months has submerged 16 villages in 3 sub-districts in East Java.

Losses suffered are also not counted anymore, ranging from property to lives have swallowed this ferocious Lapindo mud. But the dance, Lapindo mud that used to look very scary now has become a tourist attraction that is often visited.

To commemorate the Lapindo mudflow, the half-submerged statues were intentionally left as silent witnesses to the disaster because of the human activity.

Of the many attractions in Indonesia, there are some places that look strange, creepy but interesting to visit. Curious as to what tourist attractions? Apparently some of the strangest tourist attractions are located in Indonesia. Although strange these places are still relatively safe for tourists to visit.

Well, if you need a challenge, it never hurts to visit this weirdest tourist attraction in Indonesia. But, of course, don’t forget to get everything you need together before you decided to go to one of those places. It is because those places are mostly located in a remote area where it’s hard to find any store.

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