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Daily busy routine has left some people feel tired and less motivated. Travel is one way to escape from that boring activities in everyday life. Traveling can give you some benefits that will be effective to boost your work performance later. You can improve your health by cutting the pressure and stress of busy day. Also, traveling is making you brilliant. You will get improvement in your brain capability as you experience many things during traveling. The most interesting part, you will meet many people from various background to expand your social connection in life. After reading the positive sides that will you get from travelling, surely you will have intention to go somewhere.  As this article aims for encouraging you to travel more, here we provide some favourite tourism places for your optional list of holiday spot. 

The Wae Rebo Village as Eastern Mythical Cultural Heritage

In the east part of Indonesia, there are many magnificent tourist destinations. One of them is located on the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. If you have chance to visit this city. You should come to a village called the Wae Rebo Village. It is a traditional village that has unique charm for you to enjoy. This village got an achievement as Top Award of Excellent from UNESCO in last 2012. The location is in a bit isolated area. It is part of Manggarai district. You can reach this mythical village by car from Labuan Bajo. It is a seven hours car journey. The Wae Rebo has a very unique Mbaru Niang traditional house.The house has a philosophical and tradition value. It has mainly five level in every house. Each level has different name and function. The first level is used as living room. It is called lutur or tent. Food storage room is in the second level. The name is lobo or attic. The third level is lentar for saving seeds used in the next harvest time. The last two level are called lempa rae and or hekang kode for the tallest level. Some emergency food stock is stored in the fourth level. The top level is used for giving offering to the ancestor. Although there are not many houses in this village, the inhabitants who live there are quite a lot. This village has 1,200 in habitants.

In this place, you can enjoy houses with its tropical scenery of highland, wildlife and thriving orchids. You may learn about their culture too by interacting with the local people on your visit. This place also supports eco-friendly tourism. You can enjoy beautiful morning with fresh air and various chirping of many songbirds when you stay in this village.

The Dieng Plateau as snowy highland scenery

For mountain scenery lover, Dieng Plateau is one of most liked tourist destinations in Central Java. It is located in Wonosobo.This place offers combinations of cultural heritage, coolest natural view, and traditional rituals. You can enjoy various multicolored of lake, hot spring and Hindu temples near this place. The panorama is very amazing. During summer, this place has the lowest temperature in one year. As it is in the high mountain area, the weather becomes very cold. Recently, you can find snow-flake in the morning due to the temperature dropped below zero. Every year, there is a cultural festival in this place. The local people conduct it as annual celebration. It gives chance to the visitor to see many art performance, cultural ritual of the local people and live Jazz musics performance. People can see an exhibition of Dieng’s finest product. There is also a temple called Arjuna complex. This temple has story of Shiva, a Hinduism character in Mahabharata puppet stories. As a souvenir, people can have a taste of authentic fruit from Dieng called Carica. This fruit is mini papaya. The sweat taste of it will be perfect for eat directly or blending it with drink.

The Telemung as taste of authentic Luwak coffee

One of most crowed cities in East Java is Banyuwangi. Banyuwangi means aromatic water in literal translation. It has a local legend history over its name. There is a village in Banyuwangi that produce the most expensive coffee in the world, namely Luwak Coffee. The village called Telemung. Telemung is one of educational tourist location that offers fun experience for local and international visitors. Located in mountain area, the weather in Telemung is fresh. It has outstanding mountainside view. Telemung is coffee producer of variant coffee. They growa numerous kinds of coffee like robusta, arabica and excelsa. Their prima dona is Luwak robusta coffee. Luwak robusta coffee is produced from an animal called a black civet. This animal will eat coffee cherry and excrete the coffee beans in the next morning. Tourist can experience in the process of coffee making starting from picking the coffee beans in the farm until brewing your coffee on your own. This village is not only for coffee lover. Beside coffee, people who visit this village can explore many activities available. They can see and learn about Ettawa Goat breeding farm. Creating a hand-craft from bamboo is absolutely exciting.

The Lawang Sewu as most historical places in Semarang

Lawang sewu is a tourist spot in Semarang. It is very well-known for myths and haunted tales of originated buildings. Lawang Sewu is an ancient building that was built during colonialism era. The Dutch built this building for a a railway station. Lawang sewu has meaning as thousand doors. It is originated from Javanese word. Lawang sewu becomes a historical building of Semarang. It has a stunning and elegant architecture with large size. The locals believe that this building is very mysterious. If you are interested to enjoy this scene of bloody ‘battle of Semarang’’, you can access this place easily from everywhere. You can find lot choices of transportation to get here. You can go there either by using train, car, bus or plane. The people around this landmark building usually held a celebration to commemorate the 5 day-struggle at Lawang Sewu. Lawang Sewu opens daily from around 8 am to 9 pm. Are you ready to go? Let’s pack your suitcase and get your ticket to go to your next destination for your quick holiday. You may choose other tourist places out of this recommendation. Yet, this article may hopefully can give you guidance for making decision. Now, it is your departure time. Have a very nice vacation and stay alert. 

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