It's a big country, Visit Indonesia

If you are planning to visit Indonesia in the near future then you should prepare yourself to see so many beautiful islands there. Indonesia is the country which has thousands of islands that you could choose to fulfill your vacation starting from the best place to swim, dive, hike and any kind of outdoor activities. Here are several recommended places that you should visit there.

Kiluan Bay at Lampung

This tourist spot is not a new tourist place for traveling lovers. It could be that this place has become the target of adventurers to visit. The natural beauty of the industry has not been touched, the location is remote and quiet, the atmosphere is certainly still beautiful and calm. That is why Kiluan Bay is a favorite location of anglers. Even in this place, every year, there is a fishing competition which is followed by domestic fishing heroes. The beauty of the beach certainly could not be separated from white sand, the sea is still clear and there are dolphins, waves are also quite fast. There are two types of dolphins in Kiluan Bay, namely bottlenose dolphins and long-term dolphins. The bottlenose dolphin tends to be shy and large.

While the long beak has a smaller body but likes to jump. The number of dolphins there reached hundreds of tails. It is natural to say that the dolphin colony in Kiluan Bay is the largest in the world. You can see dolphins up close by renting a sailing boat. If you’re lucky, you can also see a green turtle there. Because these animals rarely rise to sea level.

Mentawai Island at West Sumatra

it is located in a district of the Province of West Sumatra. The Mentawai Islands consists of four islands. One, Siberut Island. Two, Sipora Island. Three and four are North Pagai Island and South Pagai Island, respectively. The largest island among the four is Siberut Island. On the island of Siberut, most of the inhabitants of the Mentawai Islands live. That is why on this island there is a port that serves crossings to the city of Padang. However, the administrative center city of the Mentawai Islands exists on Sipora Island. Precisely located in the city of Tuapejat.

If you are interested in water sports surfing must be happy to hear it. Waves that are very challenging to surf are also the charm of Mentawai Island. There are about 400 good places to do this challenging water sports. Of the 400 numbers, 23 of them have good waves on an international scale. Not surprisingly, the Mentawai Islands are hosting international surfing events. Mentawai Islands position is dealing directly with the Indian Ocean. The waves on Mentawai Island reach three to four meters high. Even at some point, the waves can reach six meters high. The good, the waves in the Mentawai Islands do not know the season at all. During the year the waves on Mentawai Island are large and good. This is what further strengthens the Mentawai Islands is an attractive destination for surfers. This is the ideal place for your hobby specifically the surfers when you wanted to visit Indonesia.

Timang Beach at Yogyakarta

now we see tourist attractions in the Special Region of Yogyakarta. The number of tourist attractions in Yogyakarta makes this place so special and always crowded with visitors both local and foreign tourists. If usually a series of beaches in Jogja only offer water recreation such as jetski, banana boat, surfing, and snorkeling, now Yogyakarta also has a different beach and becomes one of the new water attractions also named Timang Beach. In this place, you can try new rides that you may have never felt before. You will be taken to cross the sea using a rope and equipped with a gondola to get to the end of the beach. For those of you who want to test your adrenaline, just come to Timang Beach, located on Tepus, Jl. Sel Beach. Java, Gunung Kidul Regency.

Bara Beach at Makassar

This beach has a unique beauty that is evidenced from the coconut trees that lie along the edge of this beach, the tree is very unique because the tree has a slope of approximately 45 degrees compared to other normal trees. This sloping tree is used to hang a swing that can be used by visitors to play and relax. Bara Beach is located in Tanjung Bira Region, Bulukumba Regency, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Tanjung Bara Beach is a hidden beach in Bulukumba and has hidden beauty, very suitable for you lovers of a quiet and calm beach. Because the coal coast is not too well known by the wider community but has become excellent and has become one of the attractions that are in demand and sought, though still hidden.

Access to the coast of embers can be accessed from the shore when the seawater is receding, then you can also use the narrow cobblestone road surrounded by small forests, so if you want to visit the embers do not forget to come in the morning or afternoon so the return is not too late and the risk of meeting with forest animals such as wild monkeys, boars, and other animals is very minimal, and the risk of injury from animals becomes decreased. To get to the coasts you have to travel quite extreme by walking down the hillside from the parking lot, then down some large rocks to get to this beautiful beach

Existing facilities in this place are parking for cars and motorcycles before reaching the beach, lodging in this place is still small, according to sources I read here, there are only approximately 2 large lodgings such as Bara Beach Bungalow and other lodgings, the number of rooms is limited so use the principle of who he can quickly. but you can choose another alternative, which is to stay in the vicinity of Tanjung Bira which is located near the coal. When you visit Indonesia, those are the best place to put in your list of vacation.

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