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Holiday or summer vacation is always becoming routine event for students and parents to visit tourist destinations. The hot temperature during summer is unbearable at certain degree of Celsius. People are seeking for a cool tourist spot to stay away from these hot days and to have quality time with their family at recreational places. The sun hits directly. Watery tourist destination attracts more people than usual. There are various reasons why people are visiting water theme park or any similar places during hot weather. Children love waterpark, so do adults. Having fun in waterpark is absolutely the best as people can be their true self without having so much worry in mind. Both children and adults are having undisturbed fun with their family there. This article is helping you to make a list of epic watery tourist spots for your family run away this summer. Please take time to read this recommendation: 

  1. Umbul Ponggok: a snorkeling heaven in  upland hill   

Are you looking for cool, unique water spot for holiday? You can find the answer in this place. Umbul Ponggok is a new authentic water pool recreation located in Klaten, Central Java. You can arrive at this place by driving a car approximately one hour from Yogyakarta. This places offers has many activities to enjoy with your family. The main attraction in this place is a huge pool of clear water originated from natural air source in the highland. In this pool, people can have a snorkeling experience. There are many various types of beautiful fish that live in the water. The entrance ticket is very cheap.  You just need to pay fifteen thousand rupiah to enjoy the fresh water in the pool. The most identical of this tourist spot is that it offers underwater photography. People can have picture with many fishes and unique pose under the water. There are many photography properties available to support every pose in bottom of the water. It is very special when you can have a picture posing daily life with many fishes around you. The photographers are professional and able to capture the best moment of you under the water. It is a must to try. 

  • Toba Lake : the giant and ancient lake in Indonesia

Another best spots for escaping the hot summer is a lake. Toba Lake is one of beautiful natural wonders in Indonesia. It is located in Parapat, North Sumatra. To get here, you need six hour bus ride from Medan city. Toba Lake is the biggest lake in Indonesia and among the deepest one in the world. It was built from a volcanic activity thousand years ago. The scenery around Toba Lake is pristine and relaxing. The climate is refreshing for a short break as it is cooler. The Toba lake has unparalleled view of natural beauty. The lake is surrounded by many magnificent hills.  You can do many various water-related activities here. You may choose between swimming, canoeing, water skiing, and or fishing for your water adventure in Toba Lake. There is also an island in the center of Toba Lake. It is called Samosir Island. You also can continue your journey with a ferry toward Samosir Island. You can learn about cultural and rituals inside this island. There is a mysterious doll called sigale-gale there. The locals believe that this doll have religious significance and mysticism. 

  • Green Bay Beach in Banyuwangi 

Are you looking for beautiful white sand? Banyuwangi is a popular destination for beach lovers. One of the most picturesque beaches is the Green Bay Beach. The local people called it as Teluk Ijo or Green Bay beach. This beach is in Meru Bertiri National Park. You can access this location either by land or by sea. If you choose land, it is a trekking path. You can drive a boat from the nearest beach, Rajegwesi beach. The Green Bay beach has perfect combination of white sand and green clear water. The green forest around the beach adds perfection.  There are also wild animals like monkey that you may meet at the beach. This place is a hidden aquamarine beach that not many people have visited to enjoy the beauty. You may become some few first travelers. It is such a privilege to visit a quiet, pretty and clean environment like this.  

  • Sendang Gile Waterfall: a treasury spot in Lombok Island

Lombok Island is located near Bali Island. Similar to Bali, Lombok also has numerous awesome tourist destinations. Sendang Gile Waterfall completes the variant of watery tourist places beside beach in Lombok. This waterfall is situated in Bayan district, North Lombok. The fall height is at around thirty one meters. There are two-tier waterfalls in Sendang Gile Waterfall. The tiers appear from the top of cliff and then fall down to the pool area at the bottom. To reach this wonderful waterfall, the access is easy. You just need to climb around two hundred stairs. The concrete stairs is strong with fence at the side.  As an alternative, you can run along the edge of the surrounding area to find another path to reach the waterfall. You will be amazed by this unfathomable scenery of Sendang Gile waterfall and its cold water. You also can try to feel the water directly. It is safe for you to get in the base of the falls. You can experience a free massage from the pouring water as it is not so powerful. If you are lucky, you can enjoy this waterfall all at your own. There will be no one except you. Although this waterfall is not always very crowded, Sendang Gile Waterfall is among best waterfall in Lombok that attracts many tourists to visit. This waterfall is very instagram-able. You may also enjoy other waterfall near Sendang Gile, namely Tiu Kelep Waterfall. 

Summer is the best time to visit water recreational place available in your community. Stay away from the heat to enjoy clean water and any kind of adventurous watery activities is very exciting. These watery tourist destinations are for you to help you cooling down under the hot sun. Bring your family to travel together in those tourism places before the summer holiday ends. Happy summer holiday for everyone!

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