The GoodLuck Bar

The Last of the Great Pioneer Town Bars

The GoodLuck Bar, South Africa's premier music & events venue


The GoodLuck Bar's little sister, The Shadowboxer Tequila Bar & Speakeasy, can be found at 131 Greenway in Greenside ..... pop by on Tuesday evenings for Vibe Night and meet the family ......

Check out this cool article in the latest Sunday Times by Yolisa Mkele

" HALLELUJAH! Joburg's Greenside is back on its feet and its latest addition, The Shadowboxer, has got it in fighting shape.

Sitting at the end of a row of new trendy night spots, The Shadowboxer is the answer to the prayers of those who'd been pining for a casual drinking hole that combines live music, good food and drink, and a clientele that enjoys leather jackets and beards.

Dimly lit and using exposed face-brick walls to show its hipster street cred, our first impression when we walked in the door was that it's a place where well-fed artists and edgy graphic designers go to lubricate their aching minds after a long day. Plush brown leather couches pepper the interior with its unvarnished surfaces.

The menu is all over the place - but in a good way. It offers nachos, Korean-style baos, pizzas, curries, burgers and steaks, making it a semi-international congregation of unpretentious comfort foods.

If you're familiar with baos then these may surprise you. They look more like tacos in baos clothing than traditional baos, but still pack a glorious amount of flavour.

The Shadowboxer comes into its own with its drinks menu.

Compact and not overly pompous, the cocktail selection shines. Arriving as an explosion of colour and dotted with little flavour bubbles, they are large and good value for money. Sadly for some cocktail aficionados they're a little on the sweet side, but that doesn't mean they can't kick-start a great evening.

If you're lucky you could get there on a night of experimentation and trytheir tea-quila, an infusion of sweet tea and tequila that leaves you with all of tequila's joys without that unattractive scrunched-up face you usually make as it goes down your throat.

On the right night you'll find a band playing, but even if you don't, The Shadowboxer has an air of faux biker cool that makes you want to linger, your voice becoming more and more gravelly as the evening rolls on.

If you're in need of a more alternative crowd - in the Easy Rider sense of the word - The Shadowboxer is where you'll find it and the best part is that you won't have to worry about being assaulted by a rogue member of Hell's Angels.


Who to take: Anyone you want to rack up cool points with.

What to drink: Spiced strawberry and basil mojito. Careful, they're not small.

What to wear: Definitely a leather jacket and a visible tattoo.

What to eat: BBQ hoisin beef rib bao or one of the tequila steaks.

Address: 131 Greenway, Greenside, Joburg. Call 010-500-6942 "