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Bombshelter Beast - Afrobalkan

We are stoked to be hosting one of our favorite bands Bombshelter Beast on the 7th of June. This eccentric bunch of creative geniuses whip the crowd up into an irresistible undulating mass of insanity.

Bombshelter Beast represents a unique approach to the South African sound and they charm their audiences across the board. It’s nothing you’ve ever experienced before, and yet it’s quite familiar: think of putting an Afrikaans opera singer, a Polish refugee playing the accordion, a UK-born kwaito star and SA’s most astute linguist rapping it up, and you have half the picture - the rest has to be e...xperienced live!

Enter the family of bling brass players, sexy saxophones, rocking rhythm section; add multi-lingual rappers, dancing singers and superb storytellers - and prepare for the visual spectacle that is Bombshelter Beast! Instruments you’ve never seen before, African fabrics and safari suits, and a fusion genre-busting old school Kwaito & House, Drum ‘n Bass, Dancehall, Dub, Ska, Balkan, Boeremusiek, Hip Hop, Ghoema, Rock, and the odd sneaky bit of Jazz – all peppered with badass rapping & live improvisations

Bombshelter Beast is :

Pule – voice/raps/storytelling
Alex Hitzeroth - sousaphone
Sisonke Xonti - saxes/clarinet/flute
Janus VD Merwe - saxes/bass clarinet
Zoe Modiga – voice/drama/dancemoves
Marcus Wyatt - trumpet/vuvuzela (musical director)
Speedy Kobak - piano accordion/trombone/vuvuzela
Fried Wilsenach – sound design/chicken handler
Dionne Song – voice/storytelling/dance party
Justin Sasman - trombone/vuvuzela
Romy Brauteseth – bass/art design
Sasha Sonnbichler - guitars
Justin Badenhorst – drums
Erica Louw – opera diva