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Do you feel bored with your life which is quite tiring especially with your various daily routines? If you feel tired or bored, you can take a vacation or tour in one of the tourist attractions in Indonesia if you visit Indonesia. For those of you who like things that are still natural and like things related to local skills, it’s not wrong if you come in one of the provinces in Indonesia, Papua.

Yeah! Papua is one of the provinces in Indonesia which has a variety of natural beauty because the area is still far from urban civilization. In this area, you will easily find a variety of natural beauty, cultural heritage, local heritage, even people who are very friendly and love their homeland. Papua is indeed known as a place where there are a lot of forests that are still well preserved. You will even find tribes that hold fast to their culture and guidelines. The Papua people themselves are known as the Dani.

Yup! Baliem Valley is one of the tourist attractions in Papua that you can choose when you visit Indonesia. This valley has become one of the best tourist destinations in Papua after Raja Ampat. This valley is located in a valley that has a fairly large size in the Jayawijaya Mountains region of Papua. This place was even used as a residence for the Dani and other tribes in Papua.

Enjoy the Beauty of the Baliem Valley

Who does not know the Baliem Valley? Baliem Valley is one of the popular places in Papua in the form of a valley and used as a residence of the Dani. Even many local and foreign tourists who come to this area to meet with people who live in the valley. Within a month, more than 250 tourists come to visit this tourist spot to get a closer look at the Baliem Valley and also the way, the life of the Dani with several other tribes in the area. They are interested in learning about life, customs and culture of the Dani and other tribes. One thing you will never forget is that you can learn easily in the area with local people who have a very friendly nature.

Even in the valley, you can see one very popular festival called the Baliem Valley Festival. Usually, this valley is held and celebrated every August. This festival has existed since 1989 so that people in the area have organized and made the festival as one of their cultures. In fact, when you like photography, you can do photography to take a moment about the festival’s activities. It is not wrong if many tourists visit this place in August because they want to see the culture and festivals held in the valley.

The Uniqueness of the Baliem Valley Festival

Not only see the life of the people who live in the Baliem Valley, you can also see the festival in the Baliem Valley every August. Maybe you will find an experience that will not be forgotten when you see this festival firsthand. The festival is called the Baliem Lembal Festival which is one of the traditional events held in August showing various traditional Papuan attractions and dances. The festival is directly performed by the Papuan people who tell about the battles between the tribes in Papua such as the Dni, Lani, and Yani tribes. This festival also symbolizes peace and prosperity for tribal communities in Papua.

Transportation to the Baliem Valley

If you want to visit Indonesia, like in Papua, you can visit in the Baliem Valley, the thing you need to do is you have to go to Jayapura first where Jayapura is the capital of Papua. After you have made it to Jayapura, you will be required to continue the journey by plane with very short travel time. If you do not have a prior plan regarding the place or destination that you are aiming for, you can use the tour and travel services in the Baliem Valley. You do not need to be confused about choosing the tour and travel services that you choose because there will be many choices of services that you can consider. You just pay a fee of around 10 million to travel in the Baliem Valley for 5 days and you will find various interesting places in the valley that you will not find anywhere else.


When you have made it to the Baliem Valley, and you are confused to find a place to stay, you do not need to feel confused because you will find a lot of lodging places or hotels around the valley that provide a variety of view options and places that you can choose at a reasonable price affordable. Even the food provided by the inn is quite varied and halal for you if you are Muslim. However, you need to know if there are some food places that also serve pork. So, you must know in advance what kind of food you choose if you are a Muslim.


For you locals and tourists who want to visit Indonesia, one of which is in Papua, the Baliem Valley, you must know the regulations that you must know. For you foreign tourists, the thing you have to do is get a travel permit in advance so that you can access trips to Papua. You can take care of the letter at the police station in the nearest Papua area.

You also have to prepare several documents such as passport, recent photograph, and certificate from the police. If you use tour and travel services, you can arrange and ask for the advice to arrange your travel documents and do not forget to prepare equipment during the rainy season.


Are you interested in visiting the Baliem Valley? If you are interested in visiting the tourist attractions, do not forget to buy souvenirs from the people of Papua people directly. When you visit the valley, there are various kinds of handicrafts from the Dani and other Papuan tribes that you can buy such as rattan bracelets, grass skirts, bark fibers, and many crafts to choose from.

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