The GoodLuck Bar

The Last of the Great Pioneer Town Bars

The GoodLuck Bar, South Africa's premier music & events venue

"Let's drink to the last of the great pioneer town bars"

The GoodLuck Bar was originally registered as a bar in 1895 in Johannesburg when gold was first discovered. This grand old warehouse; the oldest industrial space in Joburg has now been converted into the stage for some of the worlds best musical talent.

With its industrial atmosphere, eccentric decor and great food the GLB is a quintessential venue for events and parties.


With no particular alliance to any one music genre The GoodLuck Bar promotes music in all forms. Don't be surprised to sit down and experience blue grass followed by rock and roll.

The GoodLuck Bar Agency promotes bands locally and abroad, and is responsible for the gig line-ups for some of South Africa's biggest festivals