It's a big country, Visit Indonesia

Indonesia is the country that has a diversity of geographical such as beaches, mountains or volcanoes etc. It will make you be enjoyed holidays. Each city and region has an awesome which offers to visit. Do not worry about the experiences, you will get it more than you expect.

Many tourists or visitors only know Bali as the first destination in Asia but Indonesia offers many views in the small region besides Bali’s view. As visitors, you have to prepare what the main destination in a city to visit because to visit Indonesia places will take time. Just focus on several places. Here are the places you can choose to visit:


Bandung is one of the highland cities in Indonesia that reached about 2 hours 30 minutes from Jakarta. This city is a popular destination to visit at weekends or holidays. A lot of tourists come from Singapore and Malaysia to spend time there. There are hotels and villas chain that variety of facilitates offered. you can choose based on you want and correspond with your budget.

This city is also a good idea to buy the recent trends in fashion. There are outlets of the fashion store in Ir.H.Juanda Street and RE Martadinata Street. If you want to find textiles with the affordable prices, you go to the Trade centre of Pasar Bar.

Be sure, you are looking for a place that backs to nature, wonderful view etc. The first places you can visit are the Lembang city. Lembang has a natural view and nice weather. It is a farm or agricultural of plantations. Lembang also has panoramic coffee.

The second place, you have to go to Tebing keraton. This place is at the high 1200 m above sea view. If you love sunset or sunrise you must visit this place.

The third-place you can visit in Indonesia is Situ Patenggang. It is located on South Bandung. This is a lake has interesting places. Around Situ Patenggang, you can pick the farm of the strawberry and tea garden. You also go by boat to see this region.

The fourth place is Treetop Adventure park, it completed with outdoor activities such as flying fox etc. the last tourist attraction that you have to visit is Kawah Putih. Perhaps, all of those places mentioned, this place is so popular places in Bandung. It is located in South Bandung. A lake of sulphuric with the big rocks around adds the value of Bandung.


The next destination is Wakatobi, this is a regency in Southeast Sulawesi Province. If you find a place to snorkelling, diving to see lovers, it must be visited here. To reach this regency, take a flight from Makassar to the Wakatobi. There are many reefs with the 750 species and fish’s species around 942. You can play with dolphins, whales and turtles.

There are many tourist attractions you can visit in Wakatobi. The first is Bajo tribe. It located in Mola Villate in Wangi-Wangi Island. People of this village have a unique lifestyle and tradition. The second one is Kahyangan Summit. It is known as Puncak Tomia. This place offers a beautiful panoramic from the islands and almost travelers used to make a camp. Thus, they can enjoy the sunrises.

The third is Anano Beach. There are a thousand turtles live in here. It has white sandy and two kinds of turtles such as Honu and Koila. It is a good thought if you decide to go to the heaven place. Visit Indonesia more than you want, not only to see the places but also enjoy moments to get experiences. Besides that, there are other places you can visit in Wakatobi such as Sambano Lake, Lakasa Cave in Bau-Bau etc.


Banyuwangi is one of the regions in Indonesia. It located in East Java Province. To reach this city, you can start from Surabaya. Banyuwangi is the most regions popular with the explorations of wild animals such as Alas Purwo or Baluran etc. Banyuwangi means aromatic water.

The first attraction to visit is Songgon Pines. It is travelling around the forest of pine. Generally, in Songgon village in each year make a festival. This festival fills with a variety of events such as archery, fruit festivals and art performing. Next tourist or travelers should visit Glenmore. This is a district that produces big cacao in the world.

The tourist will allow travelling in cacao village with the four tourist areas. The wide of the area about 1.5pp hectares plant cacao tree, same with Pines festival, complete with festival cacao. People will be showed how to process chocolate.

Banyuwangi also has underwater to snorkeling and has coral reefs. It called Bransing Underwater. This is the most popular place in Banyuwangi.


There are many tourist places in Flores Island. Visit Indonesia will be offered of variety of attraction that makes you fun. Flores located in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia.

In this place, you can find a great place to do other activities starting from diving and snorkeling. In Flores, there is a pig island. It is a nice island to snorkel. Then, you can go to Lewotobi Mount. Not only to dive and snorkel, but you also can camp and hike in around Lewotobi. There are two volcanoes here, male Lewotobi and Female Lewotobi.

The attraction of tourist in Flores, you can go to Kelimutu National park and Kelimutu mount.  There are species of plant such as Begonia Kelimutuensis and Rhododendron Renshianum, there are birds and other species. However, Kelimutu mount has completed with 3 lakes with 3 different colors. Those are amazing with the color red, white and blue. Many people should see this lake. Kelimutu mount located in Pemo village in Ende.

You can also see Oa and Rako beach. It located in Oa village, Flores. To reach this beach you can start from Larantura by car or motorbike. The beaches are wonderful with the beautiful white sandy. You can feel comfy and enjoy the atmosphere or weather here.

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